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"To the Perfect Two"

I can never thank you enough. Even if I were to live for another century, it still would not suffice.

For every drop of tear anchoring me down to desperation, you were there to bail them out of my eyes.

For every faults worthy to be shunned by society, you showed me that they should be worthy in leading me towards maturity instead.

For the countless times I had been trampled on and kicked around like a mere seed beside a field of sunflowers, you refused to give up in nurturing me so that I’ll grow up to be a sublimity out of uniformity.

For the days I resent what’s reflected from the mirrors, you told me you saw nothing but a beautiful treasure.

For the moments where my achievements soared high through the skies, you would always smile with pride and say, “That’s my girl right there!”

You were the definition of a perfect group of two that I would not replace with anything. Ever.

-yutaka’s corner-

I thought I would write something from Kenshi Yonezu’s ‘Eine Kleine’, but it kinda steered away from that. Well… that’s that orz

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"Cleaning Lady of the Stardust"

She was not a being of this universe, but her soul was still attached to it. As her bright emerald eyes slowly reveal what fate was entrusted upon her, she took a deep breath and accepted them within the grasps of her delicate palms. It was embodied in the form of a tangible object, something of worldly matter. 

The darker skies had already taken the center stage, closing the curtains behind daylight. Twinkling stars of various colors were illuminating her surroundings, dancing playfully against the contrasting backdrop. By their side resided a loyal friend, which was the Moon. Its holes and dents may seem as a disturbing imperfection, but the light it cast upon the blue planet was unequivocally wondrous. The atmosphere it created was definitely ‘serenity’, which she somehow believed that it would be reflected back where she used to belong.

Without these two elements, the small yet gargantuan atmosphere surrounding Earth at dusk would be non-existent. A beauty taken for granted by most, but glorified by few.

However, as much as she enjoyed the ambiance— she was to begin her duty right away. With a broom in her hands, she intricately sweep off the stars to her right. Each sweep had a few handful of dusts being brushed off towards her face, causing her to sneeze occasionally.

These beings belonging to the universe were the stars which embodied the hopes, dreams and desperation of mankind; and she could see them all. From the corner of her right eye, she saw the joy of couples stargazing in the middle of the night. They were cuddling and telling each other stories, every one of them with smiles painted on their face. On another eye, she witnessed a group of ebullient scientists going on a frenzy as they discovered the possibility of a new, profound constellation. 

The desire to participate in the vivacity with beings of her former kind was harbored deep inside her heart. Enshrouded by loneliness, her hands kept on swaying to the rhythm of where the mighty Sun was moving. If it moved west, she had to move east. And vice versa.

After all, she’s the cleaning lady of the stardust. 

Bound to the eternal ubiquity of desolation, her soul was sacrificed to shelter the prejudiced emotions of the 7 billion people on Earth. She herself had some of these left, but was not allow to let it surface. 

She obediently kept on sweeping and sweeping for worlds to come, moving accordingly to the trails of the heavens. 

So if you were to pray to a shooting star or just sharing your telltales to the vast skies of the night, do remind yourself of this tale. The tale of a young lady who will always clean up the remnants of that chaotic mind of yours: the cleaning lady of the stardust. 

-yutaka’s corner-

This is loosely inspired from kikuo’s Cleaning Lady of Stardust! I’ve always been wanting to write something from this song haha

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Here the people bow, someplace where my heart remains hollow.

Adored by many, but treated as something uncanny.

A throne crafted out of gold for me to sit, with intricate details of reality they omit.

A life so bland, it is anything from grand. 

(slightly inspired from kaoling’s ‘The Lady He Loves’ orz)

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The less you respond to negative people the more peaceful your life will become.
—Unknown (via girlmoss)

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A dress designed to change color in the rain, thanks to dye sewn into 
the seams. Created by Sean Kelly, Modeled by Angelica Guillen-Jimenez
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very important comic based on a very important post

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"Chronicles of an Adolescent"

One day you feel like Julius Caesar in his glory days, the next day feels as if your soul has been etched within a weak peasant for years.

If you are the one who bear eggs you are expected to act accordingly. If you have an undying source of fertilizers, the same rules still apply to you. Anything outside that is an abnormality that is to be banished immediately. Or shunned by others, if that is the treatment you prefer.

You are also to tend to your studies in the same building for more than half a decade, seven hours a day and five days a week. The concept of weekends are close to oblivion, as the wardens orders you to add more bricks for the building.

Initially, you perceive that people of your kind will act reasonably good to you. They’re all prisoners wearing the same uniform like you, after all. But of course, that is not the case. Never could predict who’s got a dagger between their chains and who doesn’t.

Also don’t forget to diss the concept of “Never judge a book by its cover.” People will always look at the cover first, no matter how dusty and battered theirs are.

Welcome to an adolescent’s life, boys and girls. Where common sense is dissed to the trash bin and charges will be pressed against you— with no accordance to any sort of legalities. Hope you enjoy the ride.
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the new iphone 6 plus is less than three inches smaller than the ipad mini. good to know apple is constantly innovating by making things bigger and then smaller and then bigger again but not as big 

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When I’ve lost count in orchestra and have to guess when to come in



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Most importantly: you’re stronger than you think.