seeing porn of a character you didnt want to see porn of



i don’t know why i did this

based on this …….. ‘cause i’d really like to believe that this is just a normal day in the life of kagamines

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Sarah Go

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Nase Hiromi || Episode 0
baby: t..t-t
mom: tap?? tat??
baby: t-t-t..
baby: Twelve years ago, a Nine-Tail Fox suddenly appeared...If you believe it! Naruto! Naruto! Believe it! Believe it! Here I am with my Ninja Clan! Ninja Clan, here we stand! Naruto, I'm on my way, Naruto, I'll be okay! Getting ready to fight on set! Come on best friends by my side! Sasuke, is really cool! Sakura, the beautiful! Kowagaruna NarutoSaoto mamore
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no anime allowed past this line



your under arrest you weeaboo piece of shit


it’s a perfect day to not give a fuck